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Children's Book Author    -     Donalyn Kent

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Painting for Honey Bees is Donalyn's debut short story.  Inspired by her charismatic cousin and beekeeper, Unkle Ray (his unique spelling), this classically illustrated children's book blossoms with it's educational twist on the importance of our busy little pollinators.  It's a wonderful true story for reading aloud or for young readers continuing to increase their vocabulary. This paperback also features wildly entertaining honey bee fun facts, a list of ways you can help protect honey bees in your own backyard, and includes a thirty-word glossary. To continue sharing Unkle Ray's efforts in educating young minds about honey bees, Donalyn is currently writing Honey Bees at the Fair? - scheduled release date coming soon.  

Honey bees are important!  So, help Donalyn make a difference in the awareness of why we (humans) need these fascinating creatures and lots of them!